Your Benefits

Whatever your goals in life may be, your success depends on your ability to communicate.

Join Purley Speakers and embark on a programme that will multiply your communication, presentation and leadership skills.

Over four million people have benefitted from participating in Toastmasters. There are more than five thousand current members in 280 Clubs in the UK and Ireland. You, too, can gain these same benefits – benefits that will change your life.


"...Purley Speakers sounds a most interesting Club and I can quite understand how those attending the meetings will gain confidence in their speaking skills, which will be so helpful to them in a wide range of situations"

(Richard Ottaway, Local MP)

Purley speaker have wealth of experience to offer to each other and three reason why you should as a member
For only £9 a month, less than a cup of coffee a week, you are on the way to become a confident public speaker and great leader. What an excellent Return on Investment to have two meetings in a month

Toastmasters International

You can become part of the Toastmasters International family, giving you access to a wealth of resources to perfect your speaking skills. You get to take part in Area, District and International Public Speaking Contests.


Meet and interact with members from various disciplines in a warm and friendly environment all working towards the same goal, becoming better public speakers. Network with members who have established Coaching and Leadership businesses.

How do we work?

Purley Speakers is a “learn-by-doing” workshop in which men and women hone their skills in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Our meeting lasts around two hours. Annual membership is about the same as a cup of coffee or glass of beer or wine a week.

o find out how our meeting is structured and how we work, download a sample agenda and come along to one of our next meetings. We meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at the Jolly Farmers pub in Purley. You can attend as a guest as often as you like, without an obligation to join. Of course, to benefit fully we would hope that you would become a Purley Speakers member.

All members of Purley Speakers follow the well-structured, well-proven Toastmasters Training program, beginning with a series of 10 short speeches, each of which targets a particular area of speaking development. All this in a positive, fun and supportive learning environment which is repeated in Clubs through the UK and Ireland and indeed, throughout the world.

You work at your own pace, with no pressure, and there is always plenty of help available from other club members. In the process, you will learn how to organise a speech, how to use gestures, how to speak with conviction and sincerity and how to motivate your audience. You will develop listening and analytical skills as you too learn to help others develop their communication abilities.

As you learn your speaking strengths, and realise the skills you already possess, so too your self-confidence will grow. Through repeated use of your speaking skills you will develop and grow in ways that a one-off training course or programme could never hope to address. All of this in a positive, fun and supportive learning environment which is repeated in Clubs throughout the UK and Ireland.