Purley Speakers was founded on the 11th May 2011 by Peter Gerlach, Dave Longley, Cecilia Wheatley and Saladdine Nadir. It was at the Jolly Farmers Pub in a private room upstairs, where 30 people from other supporting Toastmaster clubs in the area as well as guests gathered to hold the first meeting. Clubs that were involved and supported Purley in the beginning were Lewisham Speakers, Croydon Communicators, Meridian Speakers, Bromley Speakers as well as Speakers of Croydon. We also had a lot of support from clubs further south: Dec Cluskey (Area 32 Governor), Gordon Piggott (Div H Governor), Phillip Khan Panni, Evelyn Khan Panni, Malachi Talabi, David and Carol West and Central London.

Since then, Purley Speakers has increased its membership and our club officially chartered on the 6th April 2012.

Our vision for Purley Speakers is:

“To have a highly effective presenter, leader and communicator in every Surrey business and household”

and in order to get this vision accomplished, we need a mission statement which is as follows:

“Providing a sincere, authentic, supportive and encouraging environment for confident and eloquent communication. Developing leadership that recognises and values the diverse needs and progress of its members”

Our members enjoy our supportive culture and it is just a pleasure to see so many members grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and achieve a higher level of conficence in speaking in public and in one-to-one communications.

I am proud of all our members.

Thank you for all your support so far and into the future.

Peter, DTM, (Founder)